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Military Music

I love a parade; I really do.  And I love bands, too.  But, I don't mean parades like the spectacles put on by Macy's each Thanksgiving--although they're pretty neat to see in person.  And, I don't mean high school band competitions with overblown drumlines and streamer- waving dance teams--yes, I've been a band parent.  No, I mean that I love military parades with military bands playing military music.  I never had a duty in the Army I enjoyed more than serving as the Commander of Troops during a retirement parade or change of command ceremony.

However, even more than military band music, I love  army songs . . . war songs . . . songs of liberty . . . songs of the American soldier.  And, that's what is here.

A word of caution, of course, is in order.  While the text throughout the site is my own and may be freely quoted or paraphrased by anyone who provides proper credit and citation, many of the images and music on these pages were not created by me, and they may well be copyrighted.  I am only using these files for my own personal edification, study, review, and critical analysis, which I believe is permissible within current intellectual property law.  I cannot give permission for anyone to copy them or download them; it is up to any potential user to determine if their actions with regard to these files are permissible.