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Neff to Quixote
Neff, Walter (actor - Fred MacMurray)
"You know why you couldn't figure this one, Keyes?  I'll tell you.  'Cause the guy you were looking for was too close, right across the desk from you."
(Keyes: "Closer than that, Walter.") 
"I love you too."

Movie:  Double Indemnity, 1944

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Nicholson, Colonel (actor - Alec Guinness)
Movie:  "What have I done?"
Novel:  "Blow up the bridge?  Blow up the bridge!  Blow up the bridge!  Help!"   These are the last words of Colonel Nicholson's quoted in the book.  He is later killed by a mortar round while walking back to camp with Japanese officers after preventing the bridge from being blown up.

Movie:  The Bridge on the River Kwai, 1957 
Novel:  The Bridge on the River Kwai, Pierre Boulle, 1952

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Nolan, Johnny (actor - James Dunn)
"Don't be afraid.  I don't want you should be afraid."

Novel: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, 1942

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Nolan, Lieutenant Philip
"Bury me in the sea; it has been my home, and I love it.  but will not some one set up a stone for my memory at Fort Adams or at Orleans, that my disgrace may not be more than I ought to bear?  Say on it:  'In Memory of PHILIP NOLAN, Lieutenant in the Army of the United States.  He loved his country as no other man has loved her; but no man deserved less at her hands."

Short Story:  "Man Without a Country," Edward Everett Hale, 1863

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Set you down this;
And say besides, that in Aleppo once,
Where a malignant and a turban'd Turk
Beat a Venetian and traduced the state,
I took by the throat the circumcised dog
And smote him, thus.

I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee:  no way but this,
Killing myself, to die upon a kiss.

Play:  Othello, William Shakespeare, 1604?

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Paneloux, Father
"Thanks.  But priests can have no friends.  They have given their all to God."

Novel:  The Plague, Albert Camus, 1947

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Peace, Sula
"Well, I'll be damned.  It didn't even hurt.  Wait'll I tell Nell."

Novel:  Sula, Toni Morrison, 1973

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Pepper, Ned "Lucky Ned" (actor - Robert Duvall)
"I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man! . . .  Well, Rooster, I am shot to pieces!"

Novel:  True Grit, Charles Portis, 1968 
Movie:  True Grit, 1969

By the way, Le Boef does not die in the book.  He takes the body of Tom Chaney to Texas to collect the reward.

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"Which is better--to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?"

Novel:  Lord of the Flies, Sir William Golding, 1954

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Pusher (actor - George Tobias)
"This is where we change cars, Alvin."

Movie:  Sergeant York

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Pyncheon, Jaffrey, Judge
"No, No!  Why should I call you back?  Time flies!  Bid Clifford come to me!"

Novel:  The House of the Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1851

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Quixote, Don of la Mancha (Alonso Quixano)
"I was mad, now I am in my senses.  I was Don Quixote de La Mancha, I am now, as I said, Alanso Quixano, the good; and may my repentance and sincerity restore me to the esteem you used to have for me; and now let the Master Notary proceed."

Novel: Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel Cervantes, 1605

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